2021 Welcome w Bill Aulet, SL ’94
Entrepreneurship & Anti-fragility: Why It is More Important Than Ever – To Everyone

Chief Financial Officer’s jobs has been traditionally to optimize the results of a company and make them more predictable. We have seen during COVID that traditional things like Just In Time supply chains, financial leverage, and productivity optimization may have been recipes for success in previous more stable times, they were formulas for disaster in this period of rapid change. Understanding that the rate of change in our worlds will continue to get faster and faster, CFOs now have to confront the fact that they must become more entrepreneurial and not just managers. What does that mean and why are we so sure about it? In this talk, Professor Bill Aulet, Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, will discuss how this became crystal clear during the pandemic and how you should think about it with regard to your personal career development.