2020 11/19 Keynote Panel
Leadership: Thinking Beyond a Crisis

Crisis leadership requires CFOs to do more and to be more. Our luncheon keynote panel featuring the CFOs from Dell, Square and Wayfair will discuss  how leaders respond to cascading change.  Nina Trentmann, of the WSJ, will guide the discussion on how leadership reacts to the churning news cycle, and the very real impact of crisis both on the fly in real time and how at the same time CFOs navigate their missions and message toward the future.  CFOs are faced with cascading realities from the COVID-19 pandemic, to an economy shuttered, a workforce at home and a society struck by social unrest.  CFOs must be forward looking, nimble, compassionate, set the moral tone and produce results.  Hear how elite CFOs do just this as they navigate through this new reality.