2021 Early Afternoon Tracks
Long-Term Thinking

Although “shareholder value” has come to be equated with “this quarter’s numbers,” companies create more  value when executives and directors move beyond “short-termism” to concentrate on long-term results. This panel of experts will examine the attitudes,  behaviors and expectations that allow them to maintain a long-term orientation.   Learn how to move your organization from a short-term quarterly focus to a “long termism” mindset.

Pivots: Big & Small

Time out.  Wait a second… WAIT!  Every company has wanted to call a “time out” and start over at some point. But there’s never a good time.  Except, of course, for the pandemic which created – and in some cases forced – an opportunity to change the way they do business.  From fine-tuning operations to business overhauls, hear this panel of experts discuss their pivots over the last year, and how their company became stronger and wiser in the process.