2021 Morning Tracks
M&A 2021: Velocity & Valuations

 In today’s environment of many, many deals with higher and higher valuations, it’s more important than ever to have a solid game plan for M&A.  A programmatic approach to M&A can help – including guardrails for proactive deal sourcing, opportunistic deal evaluation, and “when to walk away” metrics.   This panel of pros will examine today’s environment, and showcase where and how successful M&A opportunities are developed and executed.

Upskilling the Team

For finance teams, and more specifically CFOs, the roles have shifted towards a more advisory position.  This means the need and the demand to upgrade talent within the CFO’s team is now more important than ever.  This group of experts will showcase the new skills, opportunities for training and how best to ensure you, your team and your company are positioned for success.