Employing a Distributed Workforce

Sep 18, 2019 | Talent Management, Workplace

On-site or remote, flexible hours or fixed schedules?  Workplaces and workforces continue to change, providing CFOs the opportunity (and challenge) to make appropriate decisions about the workplace not only within the finance department, but also across the organization.

While there is no “one spreadsheet fits all” solution, there are certain fundamental considerations across departments and companies:

  1. Talent acquisition: if you are seeking hard-to-recruit personnel, there may be no choice but to offer a degree of flexibility – be it flextime, work one day from home, or some combination of both.
  2. Competitive landscape: similarly, if the “going rate” for comparable roles assumes flexibility, then you will have to offer the same.
  3. Regulatory environment: if you’re considering a remote employee in a new state, and even if it’s “just one” employee, make sure to understand the labor laws in that state.
  4. There’s no stand-in for in-person meetings: when all is said and done, there is simply no substitute for the give-and-take that occurs face-to-face. Therefore make sure to schedule non-negotiable, repeating meetings for staff to interact in person.