Jeff Rudnicki
Partner, McKinsey & Company

Jeff Rudnicki is a Partner in the Boston office. He is a leader in McKinsey’s M&A Practice and the global leader of the M&A capability building and performance service line.  Jeff has spent 18 years in mergers and acquisitions in a number of roles.  His focus is on end-to-end M&A from deal scans, to due diligence, to integrations. He works closely with organizations looking to design and build high-performing M&A capabilities.  Jeff also leads SynergyLab, McKinsey’s knowledge efforts on best practices in value capture and synergy estimation. Jeff has worked on 80+ acquisitions (before and at McKinsey) including large scale mergers and acquisitions in most industries especially in healthcare and consumer sectors. Jeff holds a MA in economics from John Hopkins University and an MBA with honors from the University of Virginia.