Matthew Rhodes-Kropf, MIT Sloan
Matthew Rhodes-Kropf
Visiting Associate Professor, Finance, MIT Sloan

Matt Rhodes-Kropf is a managing partner at Tectonic Ventures as well as a professor at MIT Sloan. Previously he founded RK Ventures, the predecessor to Tectonic, where he managed two successful funds. He invested in companies such as Rackspace, Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, Xenex, and Axioma among others. Professor Rhodes-Kropf was formerly the CFO of Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, where he worked with the founder to launch the firm and the world’s first Alzheimer’s imaging agent.

He also helped launch a hedge fund as the COO, and advised in the creation and growth of Correlation Ventures. Professor Rhodes-Kropf is presently a Board Participant at Appex, Auterion, Avant-garde Health, Butlr, Neighborhood Trust, OmniML,, Vecna Robotics, Wyebot, and Xenex. He also enjoys teaching entrepreneurship and fin-tech as a visiting professor in the Finance Department at MIT. His research on venture capital and exits has been published in many leading finance and economic journals. Previously a faculty member in the Entrepreneurial Management department at Harvard Business School, Professor Rhodes-Kropf taught VCPE and published many HBS cases. His work has been profiled in the Financial Times, The Economist, the MIT Sloan Management Review, Kauffman publications, Institutional Investor’s Alpha Magazine, PeHub, etc., and many popular blogs. He is regularly quoted in major print media such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and the Financial Times, etc., and has discussed his work on television, with appearances on CNBC, BBC and CNN. Professor Rhodes-Kropf gives talks throughout the world on the financing of innovation. He also oversees myriad student ventures and has advised literally hundreds of founders. Formerly a finance professor at Columbia University where he taught Entrepreneurial Finance.

A graduate of Duke University, Professor Rhodes-Kropf holds a BA in computer science and economics and a Ph.D. in economics. He is on the board of Duke University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative and was formerly the chairman of the advisory board for Duke University’s Graduate School.