CPE Information

CPE credits are being offered by CFO Leadership Council for this year’s Summit.  All participants who have met the time criteria and completed the required polling questions will receive their CPE certificates via email a few weeks after the Summit.  Please email Nancy Ehlers, CPE Administrator, nancy@cfolc.com with questions.

A reminder for our virtual attendees. In order to receive CPE credit for you attendance, you will need to complete 4 polls for each session. To submit a poll, click on the CPE polling page during each session. Once the session starts, 4 polls will be made available to answer. You must submit an answer for all 4 questions to receive credit. The polls will appear at the beginning of each session and are only available to answer during the session. After the questions are removed from the polling page you will no longer be able to prove your attendance for that session, so do not wait. If you have any issues with polls, click on the ‘Help Desk’ tab and email the Encore support team. They will be able to help you with technical support.